Our Top 5 Places to Grab Dinner During Edinburgh Film Festival

18th May 2018
Photo of Our Top 5 Places to Grab Dinner During Edinburgh Film Festival

Looking forward to this year's Edinburgh International Film Festival? It's here from 20th June to 1st July 2018.

You might have booked your film tickets, but we bet you haven't decided where to eat yet! To help you find somewhere good for a quick bite, we've picked our top five places to eat near Edinburgh Filmhouse, official home of the Film Festival. 

1. Filmhouse Cafe Bar

88 Lothian Road, Edinburgh, EH3 9BZ

If you're lucky enough to get a table here during the Film Festival, then what could be easier than the Filmhouse Cafe Bar? A menu of old favourites, including chilli, curry and baked potatoes, with plenty of vegetarian options and a widely-loved Nacho dish. 

2. Topolabamba

93 Lothian Road, Edinburgh, EH3 9AW

Topolabamba is a great Mexican restaurant with a great name (go on, say it again!). Deliciously authentic menu and lively atmosphere. 

3. Bread Meats Bread

90-92 Lothian Road, Edinburgh, EH3 9BE

If you love burgers, you'll LOVE Bread Meats Bread. This no frills, no gimmicks restaurant serves up award-winning burgers to satisfy the hungriest of festival-goers! 

4. Kanpai Sushi

8-10 Grindlay Street, Edinburgh, EH3 9AS

The superb Kanpai Sushi restaurant offers some of the best Japanese food in Edinburgh. Perhaps not one to dive in for a quick bite, but book ahead and enjoy this sophisticated restaurant at your leisure. 

5. Red Squirrel

21 Lothian Road, Edinburgh, EH1 2DJ

Red Squirrel is a relaxed bistro and a good spot if you fancy a beer and a burger combo. 

Enjoy these places to eat near Edinburgh Filmhouse on a Film Festival Break

We hope this guide has given you some good ideas of places to eat near Edinburgh Filmhouse. And, if you're looking for accommodation for your Film Festival visit, please check out our selection of holiday homes in Edinburgh. We are based right here in the city and can help you plan an amazing trip!

Photo of Our Top 5 Places to Grab Dinner During Edinburgh Film Festival

Filmhouse, 88 Lothian Road



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